Selecting the Right Agent – Communication Is Key

If you’re planning on selling your home, statistics prove that you’ll be more successful if you partner with a licensed Realtor. But how do you know who to pick? At Neumann | Kelley Properties, we recommend starting with an agent who is familiar with the location of your home – such as ourselves. We know your local area and know how to market your house there. Secondly, talk to family and friends about Realtors they’ve had positive personal experiences with. We have plenty of testimonials and references to share with you. Finally, interview several people to determine the best fit. A prepared Realtor should come armed with general market knowledge of the area and specific statistics related to your property. 

Once you have some potential agents in mind, email them or call their office, then sit back and wait. How responsive is the agent? Are you waiting days for a response? A great agent will respond to you within the same business day. If it takes longer without an explanation, you should be cautious. Your time is just as valuable as the agents.

Your initial conversation with a prospective listing agent should be like any job interview, tough questions get answers. A good agent should know their stats. Vague answers could mean they aren’t as knowledgeable or engaged in the market.

How long have you been in business? 

Ideally, you will want an agent with at least two years’ experience. This has given them enough time to learn the ropes of the business and hone their marketing skills.

How many houses did you sell last year? 

It’s important to know that the agent can sell your home. You generally want an agent who has a solid track record of listing and selling properties. Ask them what their key takeaways were for success when listing a home or working with a buyer.

What percentage of your listings do you sell?  

Generally, the higher this percentage, the better. An agent who sells a large percent of their own listings tends to have access to a strong pipeline of buyers. 


Once the consultation is finished, many people are ready to get started with us as their real estate team! Book your no obligation personal consultation today.

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