Pricing The Property – What Works Best?

Pricing your home for a successful sale is one of the most crucial decisions you will make on your journey.  Listing too high could cause you to lose selling opportunities, but pricing it too low could leave thousands of dollars on the table.

At Neumann | Kelley Properties we are here to advise you every step of the way. Our team are experts in the local market and pride ourselves on understanding the best pricing strategies to attract the interest of qualified buyers – allowing you to get the highest sale price possible. Our comparative market analysis does a deep dive into what properties like yours sell for and, in conjunction with a personal property visit to your home, arms us with all the components that go into setting the list price. We always make sure the price of your home is right for the marketplace…and right for your goals.


Once the consultation is finished, many people are ready to get started with us as their real estate team! Book your no obligation personal consultation today.

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