Selecting The Right Agent – Dedication Is Key

Making the decision to purchase a home is exciting! It can also be a little overwhelming. At Neumann | Kelley Properties we recognize that every client is different. What works for one person or family, may not work for another.  We treat each person as an individual with specific needs and requirements.  And we won’t stop searching for your perfect home until we find it.

At Neumann | Kelley Properties we are your true home buying partner. We have access to a robust database of prospective homes and properties. We keep abreast of current market information and have a deeply personal knowledge of the local area. And because we work as a team, we always have coverage to help you view a home when and where you need to.

When buying a home, you want a Realtor who:

  • Understands your real estate needs and goals and puts them first when curating and showing potential properties.
  • Provides clear and concise answers to your questions.
  • Has a proven track record of success and expertise in the local market.
  • Has an immediate knowledge of great properties within your price range.
  • Provides rapid communication on new listings, giving you a premiere seat at the table for new home buying opportunities.
  • Shares expert guidance on the best price to offer for the home you want.
  • Prepares and presents the best offer, taking into account desirability of the property, necessary contingencies and other market factors.
  • Has strong negotiating skills to make sure you get the best price, conditions, closing dates, etc.
  • Has a network of reputable home inspectors, movers, and other professionals you may need to close the deal.

It’s important to note that not all Realtors are created alike. Neumann | Kelley Properties provides all these services and more.  In addition, our clients tell us how much they appreciate our professionalism, expertise, and availability.

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