Minimum Credit Card Payments: Breaking Down the Numbers

To avoid late fees and a possible increase in your credit card interest rate, make at least the minimum payment on your credit card bill each month. The minimum due will change from month to month, so it can be hard knowing ahead of time how much money you’ll have to come up with to […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Painlessly Going Green

You’ve heard the warnings about global warming, you feel compassion for stranded polar bears and you worry about overwhelming the landfills. As a homeowner, you may not be ready for composting, but there are ways to become an eco-friendlier household. Ecologists provide simple but useful tips that even the laziest activist can use to do […]

Pros and Cons of Smart Appliances

Smart appliances can make life easier and more convenient. Since the technology is relatively new, many manufacturers are still working out problems and resolving glitches. Before you purchase a smart appliance, it’s important to understand what they have to offer and to be aware of potential pitfalls. Popular Smart AppliancesA smart refrigerator can make grocery […]

Everything You Need to Know About Safe Rooms

If youre considering a safe room in your next home, these are the latest features you should know about… These arent simply steel-lined closets behind trap doors, but rather, fully fortified luxury accommodations that can seamlessly blend in with the rest of a residence. Safe rooms deliver peace of mind. Cutting-edge safe rooms can protect […]

Joining the Zero-Waste Movement Is Easier Than You Think

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the average American generates nearly 4.5 pounds of trash on a daily basis, more than half of which goes to a landfill. If youre looking to reduce your net trash output with the ultimate goal of joining the zero-waste movement, there are a variety of small steps you can […]

Organizing Your Finances as a College Graduate

If you’ve just graduated from college, this is the perfect time to establish smart financial habits. With hopefully a full-time job awaiting, this is the time to establish habits you’ll continue throughout your life. Where to start? It’s likely you’ve racked up some student loan debt. The good news is that federal student loans come […]

What Are Your Rights in Debt Collection?

If debt collectors are calling or sending you letters demanding payment, you may be worried”and for good reason. Not only can having a debt in collections stay on your credit report for up to seven years, but it can seem like youre being barraged by debt collection notices from a different company than the original […]

5 Signs It’s Time to List Your Home

Choosing to sell your home is a big decision, one that requires the careful weighing of a variety of factors. As your local real estate professional, I want to share with you this useful infographic to help you identify five signs that might indicate it is time to sell. Published with permission from RISMedia.

Cutting Smaller Expenses Can Help You Save Big Money

Saving money is often easier said than done, but if youre serious about bulking up your savings account, there are ways to achieve your financial goals. And while eliminating vacations, canceling your cable subscription or getting rid of your car and relying on public transportation can help you save big chunks of money, these may […]

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